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A Dad Captured The Entire Birth Of His Newborn Son On Facebook Live

"We talk about death every day, so we can talk about life for one day."

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Kali Kanongataa, a 36-year-old father of two — now three — living in Sacramento, California, told BuzzFeed News he was thrilled to learn that he was expecting a child with his partner, Sarah.

A bitter split with his ex-wife meant that he lost custody of the two children he already had, he said. He last saw them three months ago.

"Having my son with [my partner] is refreshing right now in light of my battle to see my two children," he said.

When his partner went into labor on Monday, Kanongataa wanted to share the moment with his family, which is scattered around California and the world — he has relatives in the Kingdom of Tonga, Samoa, and Fiji. So he geared up Facebook Live.


The couple can be heard making small talk and watching TV while they wait between contractions.

"Lord knows my luck," Kanongataa can be heard saying in the first video. "I'll leave and something happens."


Kanongataa said he didn't realize that the live stream was public until about a half hour into recording. But he said he's not one to stop something he's started, so he decided to continue recording.

"It was kind of an opportunity for me to just share it and basically say, 'You guys are here with me,'" he said.


"There is a lot of nonsense that goes on Facebook," said Kanongataa. "I wanted to remind them that one of the most important blessings in life is the bearing of children and sharing that moment with someone you care about."

Kanongataa said most of the response has been positive, but he understands why some people may have been critical of the live stream.

"I can understand," he said. "There is a lot of TV that shouldn't be on TV and this is something that happens every day. We talk about death every day, so we can talk about life for one day."

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