People Around The World See Their Stories Repeating In Ferguson

From Uganda to the West Bank, people are seeing an eerie familiarity when looking at events in Ferguson, Mo. Some are sharing their horror, others their advice in how to deal with a police crackdown.

In the first picture, police throw smoke bombs to clear demonstrators in Ferguson, Missouri on August 14. In the second picture, Turkish police fires tear gas to push back thousands of demonstrators in Istanbul’s Taksim Square to protest against the government on March 12, 2004. Mario Anzuoni / Reuters / Via Osman Orsal / Reuters

Kasese/Bundibugyo, Uganda

Cairo, Egypt

Hong Kong

Nairobi, Kenya

Mumbai, India

@calamur for every #Ferguson we have a Mumbai where Sec 144 has been blanket applied preventing our right to assemble, allowing great abuse

— Aditya Paul (@adityampaul)


#HandsUpDontShoot in #Ferguson hits close to home. AbdulRedha Buhmaid in green tshirt was shot in d head in #Bahrain

— Maryam Alkhawaja (@MARYAMALKHAWAJA)

Ankara, Turkey

We are with u #america dont panic.. We lived that in #Turkey last year.. Wear your gas mask and glasses.. Go out.. #Ferguson

— Ömer Uslusoy (@omeruslusoycom)

Kampala, Uganda

As their govt feigns concern for global oppressed gps, black pple in the U.S still treated as less than human. Free world? Naah. #Ferguson

— Dreddy Estee (@EstellaMz)

Moscow, Russia

@juliaioffe @MiriamElder if you consider that #Ferguson cops are using rubber bullets, they are far more painful than Moscow OMON 's batons

— Maxim Sannikov (@net_mozgov)

West Bank

Made in USA teargas canister was shot at us a few days ago in #Palestine by Israel, now they are used in #Ferguson.

— مريم البرغوثي (@MariamBarghouti)

Sao Paulo, Brazil

Seems like American Police have learned some bad bad things from Brazilian Police lately #Ferguson

— Mg (@mgmyself)

Bangkok, Thailand

Compare #Ferguson to the Thai police in the protests earlier this year. So much for YL being a mass murderer. More like Abhisit in 2010.

— Raj Palsingh (@HipsterYogi)

United Kingdom

@ConorMWalsh Scenes in Ferguson reminded me of what I saw as a kid in Johannesburg during the state of emergency in the 80s @gidi_gabriel

— Taff Gidi (@Taffgidi)

Kiev, Ukraine

Seems some Ukrainian "berkut" got a job in Ferguson police department.#FergusonPolice #Ferguson feel yourself like in Kiev,guys

— kasha saltsova (@kashasaltsova)

Nairobi, Kenya

If #ferguson was happening in Kenya or other headlines of "instability" "Violence rocks" would be on international news...

— Mrs. M (@KuisanMacharia)

Dhaka, Bangladesh

This is the police presence at a peaceful protest - in the USA. #Ferguson right NOW!! WTF!!!

— Dr. Imran H Sarker (@ImranHSarker)

Paris, France

I guess I have to demote America from "place where such a thing could never happen" to "still better than South Sudan." #Ferguson

— Claire Berlinski (@ClaireBerlinski)

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