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I Just Watched The Red Wedding For The First Time And I Need To Talk About It

Spoilers for anyone who still hasn’t watched this 2013 Game of Thrones episode! (No judgment.)

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So far, it's been quite a journey. I’ve learned all about the Seven Kingdoms of Westeros, witnessed Daenerys Targaryen mother a trio of dragons, and of course, I’ve fallen in love with Jon Snow.

Since it took me six years to start watching GoT (I know, my bad) and since I'm a person in the world, it was pretty impossible to avoid spoilers. Therefore, I already knew there was something called the Red Wedding, and I knew important character(s) would die.


What I didn’t know, however, was which wedding was going to be considered the Red Wedding, who was specifically going to be killed, who was going to do the killing, and the number of characters who would die all in one scene.

Toward the beginning of the episode, I was VERY nervous when Robb Stark asked for Walder Frey’s forgiveness for not marrying one of his daughters like he promised.

But when Walder Frey was all, “Everything’s all good, don’t worry about it, man. Let’s just make sure your Uncle Edmure Tully marries one of my daughters, and then the past will be in the past,” I had a feeling something was up.

Still, Robb and his bannermen chose to trust Frey.


I mean, what other choice did they have? They needed this to go off without a hitch, because the North was relying on an alliance with House Frey to ultimately defeat the Lannisters once and for all.

When Walder Frey walked his daughter Roslin down the aisle at her wedding to Edmure Tully, he made eye contact with Robb that made me wildly uncomfortable, to say the least.

After the newlyweds left the hall for their bedding ceremony, Catelyn Stark seemed to have a hunch that something bad was going to happen. She looked back at one of Frey’s men who shut and locked the door to the room they were all in, which made my blood pressure rise, TBH.

To make matters worse, Arya Stark — who was close to finally being reunited with her family at The Twins — witnessed some of her brother’s bannermen and his direwolf get killed.

Robb will never win the war or be reunited with his siblings.

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He’ll also never meet his future son, who was to be named after his father, or live a long, happy life with his wife who he married for love.

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