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This Woman's Post About How People React To Her Dress Has Gone Massively Viral

Preyansi Mani's post about her sari is inspiring.

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Last week, Mani shared a post on Facebook about her experiences of wearing a sari in public.
I was at Hard Rock Cafe yesterday wearing a saree and I was next to be peeled off from stares of males and females alike. Wonder if I committed a crime or what it was. πŸ˜ƒ So I noticed this pic for a different reason... Gosh! How my generation has given up sarees!!! In my mom's generation sarees were everywhere. From cycling to everyday chores to work to parties to colleges. It wasn't a biggie!Now that I wear saree almost every day, often there is a remark β€” 'Are you going somewhere', 'Is there anything special today?', 'Is there any event'? 'Are you an Air-Hostess?' πŸ˜‰ I get stared at from females and males in equal breadth.The second one is even more funny- ' Oh so now you are married, that's why. 'You are as Indian as you can be.' Whatever that means as if Saree is a post-marriage phenomenon.And then comes the bemoaning- 'Its so cumbersome', 'It's so time-consuming',' 'How do you manage it so well? ' πŸ˜ƒAll I want to say β€” wearing saree does not make one traditional, does not make one Indian, does not make one cool or uncool, does not make one married or unmarried. It is a graceful, sensual, comfortable piece of clothing that makes me feel beautiful, empowered and free and I am glad I am in love with it.It is all about choice! β€ͺ#β€ŽSari‬

Mani told BuzzFeed News that she never expected her post to be so well received. She has been wearing saris on a daily basis for about a year and wanted to start a conversation about people's reactions to her dress.

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