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This Guy Lost His Phone And Then Became Best Friends With The Guy Who Found It In Indonesia

This is the best.

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Later in December, Syahri Rochmat, a 24-year-old railway employee in Jakarta, Indonesia, had to clear out a decommissioned Japanese train.

The train had completed its last journey in Japan on Dec. 5, and was then shipped to Indonesia to be used there. While Rochmat was preparing the train, he discovered a phone on the floor.


According to the Straits Times, one of Rochmat's followers contacted the university listed on the card and found Noda's Facebook.

The men got in contact online to arrange the phone's return, but miscommunication and high delivery fees meant they spoke for seven months without success.


Rochmat told BuzzFeed News that he is very grateful for the experience, which has gone viral in the pair's home countries.

Persahabatan tak lekang oleh jarak @syahrirochmat 👍👍 #Respect

Noda told Japan News that "this smartphone and new friendship are precious to me."

Rachael Krishna is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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