This "Grandma" Has Become A YouTube Star After She Learned To Use Green Screen

Meet Chroma Key Grandma!

1. A 62-year-old from Saint Petersburg, Russia, went viral after she learned how to use a green screen.

2. Tatiana Subbotina started making normal videos of herself in 2013 when living in Thailand. She then went from making YouTube videos for children to teaching herself how to chroma key composite with a green screen using Premier Pro.

3. “I decided that I too could talk about this [editing videos],” she said. “So I started making stories on my YouTube channel about how I work with it. I didn’t invent anything there, but I try to explain it as simply as possible. It’s very exciting and I like it.”

4. Now she posts videos regularly, showing herself in a variety of locations — riding a magic carpet, in a jungle, or in a bath. Throughout the videos she explains her editing technique and how she achieved the shown effect.

5. Subbotina told BuzzFeed News that she made her green screen suit by herself, sewing together gloves, sleeves, and a green shirt.

6. Her videos have gained hundreds of thousands of views. Most viewers simply seem to enjoy watching her, rather than needing any editing advice.


“Tatiana, you are divine! Please continue.”


“You are the queen of chroma key.”

9. Subbotina has become so popular that she was invited on a Russian evening chat show called Vecherniy Urgant to show off her green screen skills.

10. Subbotina said she doesn’t really see herself as popular, but she is glad her work is getting attention.

11. “Of course, I’m really pleased that there’s a demand for what I do online,” she said.

“People write to me a lot right now and I’ll try my best to fulfill all requests of my subscribers.”

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