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This Giant Gray Blobby Thing Has Become A Huge Meme In Russia For Some Reason

IDK what this is.

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In January, someone shared a picture of a sculpture at the medical centre of Leiden University in the Netherlands on Russian website Pikabu. The sculptor, Margriet van Breevoort, created the piece to symbolize patients' experience of waiting to see a doctor.

The picture of the sculpture subsequently spread across Russian social media, where it became a huge meme.

"Hey lady, why are you cutting in line without even asking?"

The sculpture was given the name "Zhdun," which roughly means "the one who waits."

"I clicked on something and everything disappeared."

Soon, Zhdun was being photoshopped into other famous memes, like Graham — the disgusting car crash meme.

He's found his way into famous art.

Russians have even been making visits to Leiden University to see Zhdun up close.

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