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This Awesome Girl Isn't Allowed To Compete Against Boys Anymore

Phetjee Jaa is known as the girl who beats boys.

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Her intensive training has lead to her becoming not only one of the most formidable opponents among other girls her age, but boys too.

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Fellow professional muay thai fighter Sylvie von Duuglas-Ittu told BuzzFeed News that Samart Payakaroon — a fighter considered to be one of the best muay thai fighters of all time — said Mee Khun is upholding the honor of the sport.

Mee Khun is unable to fight boys, and girls her age are unwilling to fight her. Von Duugals-Ittu said she is now stuck competing at a huge disadvantage against girls in heavier weight classes, just to get the chance to participate.

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Von Duugals-Ittu, who has trained closely with Mee Khun, called her a hero.


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