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People On Tumblr Are Accusing The US Government Of Covering Up A UFO Sighting

Because obviously.

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On Saturday night a bunch of people in southern California saw a bright light in the sky.

My photo of a bright fireball seen from Pasadena tonight. Note the blue tail. @myfoxla @plutokiller @BadAstronomer

Local authorities said the light was a test missile.

#OCSDPIO: Light seen in OC sky was confirmed through JWA tower to be a Naval test fire off the coast. No further details.

People on Twitter were quick to dismiss what they saw as a cover-up.

@OCSD why was it seen all the way in San Francisco?

@OCSD @BrandonAHubbard lies...ALIENS


Especially when some users spotted that a local news station explained that the lights were meteors.

Seeing bright lights in the sky, at times blue? It's the Taurid meteor shower. INFO: #abc15

The conspiracy carried over to Tumblr, where users began compiling their own theories as to why the bright light appeared.


It was mostly just UFO theories.


And memes.


Questions, so many unanswered questions.

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