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Kim Kardashian Keeps Accidentally Tagging This Teenager In Her Twitter Photos

He's replied and she still hasn't realised...

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This is Mert Alas, a 17-year-old from Adana, Turkey. His Twitter handle is @mertalas, with an L.

This is also Mert Alas, a 45-year-old photographer also from Turkey, but working in the U.S. He is a renowned fashion and celebrity photographer. His Twitter and Instagram handle are @mertaIas, with an I.

Instagram: @mertalas

When photographer Mert and his friend Kim hang out together she often takes photos and uploads them to Twitter and Instagram. Unfortunately, Kim's been tagging 17-year-old Mert.

The teenager started to respond with affectionate replies.


Kocanla ters düşecez en sonda 😄 @KimKardashian

"You're going to get me in trouble with your husband."

Thank you for everything @KimKardashian

Kim still hasn't noticed and keeps on tagging the wrong Alas.

Loved this Idea for the September covers of @interviewmag face timing with @Mertalas #interviewgang


LA LOVE! I love when they come to my home town! @carineroitfeld @mertalas

Poor Mert.

@melodyofoursoul alıştım artık sdfhh

"I'm getting used to it," he tweeted.

Even Miley Cyrus has done it.

Coming soon in @wmag "bed time portraits By @mertalas & @macpiggott" so xxxited check it out 2 see the real deal⭐️


Speaking to Turkish publication Milliyet, Alas said he doesn't mind the confusion as it got him more Twitter followers.

Love when my boo is in town @mertalas ❤️💥

"Before this I had 200 followers," said Alas. "Thanks to Miley Cyrus I got 600. And after Kim I got 65 more.”

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