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A Man Who Looks Like Leonardo Dicaprio Has Become A Russian Reality TV Star

The man has been dubbed "Leo's twin" and "Russian Leo."

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In January, Russian website Gazeta published an article noting the similarities between a local man and Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

Instagram: @gazetaru

The man was later identified as 33-year-old technical support manager Roman Burtsaev. He told Gazeta his relatives had previously noticed similarities but he hadn't expected any reaction from the public.

Burtsaev quickly became a meme online.

Двойник ДиКаприо здорового человека и Двойник ДиКаприо курильщика

"DiCaprio if you're normal person and DiCaprio if you’re high."


Русский двойник Ди Каприо ищет спутницу жизни и мечтает сняться в кино Смотрите видео:

"Russian DiCaprio twin is looking for a girlfriend and dreams about starting a movie career."

Romance With DiCaprio follows Burtsaev as they attempt to transform him into a Hollywood star.

Instagram: @roman_sdicaprio

Last week, Burtsaev offered lucky fans the chance to come to a local mall and recreate DiCaprio's famous pose from Titanic.

Instagram: @roman_sdicaprio

He's even beaten the original Leo by being awarded his own Oscar.

Instagram: @radiomaximum

It is unclear what will happen after the show is over, although there are plans to see if Burstaev can make it as an actual movie star.

Instagram: @roman_sdicaprio

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