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A Russian TV Channel Is Broadcasting Weather Forecasts For Syrian Air Raids

The news station is providing Syrian weather information for Russian viewers.

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This isn't the first time Russia 24 have incorporated current affairs into their weather forecasts.

In 2013, during Ukraine's Euromaiden protests, Meteorologist Vadim Zavodchenkov compared the weather on that day to the weather at the beginning of Ukraine's Orange revolution nine years earlier.

The clip started getting attention Monday morning, with many users expressing disgust over the video.

"Excellent conditions for air strikes" in Syria, says Russian state TV weather forecaster.

@ChristopherJM Poor visibility reduces accuracy and increases taxpayers' costs. Syrian weather therefore newsworthy in Russia.

Ugh. Horrid. "Excellent conditions for air strikes" in #Syria, says #Russia state TV weather

I can't even. #Russia's state TV reports the weather forecast is great for bombing #Syria.

You can watch the whole weather report here.

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