10 Insane Painters Who Clearly Spend Too Much Time On The Internet

These pop surrealist paintings look like they’re dipped in weapon-grade internet juice.

1. Conrad Ruiz

This is basically Tumblr after 2AM.

The only thing more internet than corgis is shiba inus.

5. Sebastian Gomez De La Torre

Sloths spend up to 22 hours a day clinging to reblogs.

6. Todd Schorr

This is a banner ad for hell. Click on it to go straight to hell.

7. Mark Ryden

Pop Surrealism or proto-Weird Twitter?

8. Shawn Huckins

George Washington: too fancy for Impact font.

NBD just chillen w my two extra heads.

13. Casey Weldon

Bob Ross is a lasercatter.

14. Lisa Hanawalt

Animal hat lookbook. You kinda just know Lisa Hanawalt can obliterate you in a brisk match of internetting.

All the meme-able horses.

17. Caleb Brown

4chan is a saner place than this.

Some serious talent here, but that felt like a pelagic dive into Dark Internet.

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