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28 Jaw-Dropping Close-Up Photographs Of Nature

And a few of human-made things, too. All of these images are from the 2015 Nikon Small World Photomicrography Competition.

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Susan Tremblay

Liverwort (Lepidolaena taylorii) plant showing modified leaves or "water sacs", which are often home to aquatic microorganisms such as rotifers. (100x). This image got an honourable mention in the competition.

Dr David Maitland / Via

Black witch-hazel (Trichodactylus crinitus) leaf producing crystals to defend against herbivores (100x). This image came 17th in the competition.


Dr. Richard Howey / Via

Skin of a sea urchin (Synapta) containing plates and anchors composed of calcareous (chalky) material (63x). This was an image of distinction in the competition.


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