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Look At These Rare Baby Albino Sea Turtles

The cutest. Via Seven Seas magazine.

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This baby albino sea turtle was found on Vamizi Island in Mozambique.

Joana Trindade / Via

A turtle monitoring programme has been going for more than ten years on the island, but this is the first time they've seen albino hatchlings. Interestingly, the turtles also lacked pigmentation in their eyes, as is common with albinism.

Conservationists found two albino sea green turtle hatchlings on one of the island's nesting beaches, along with three turtles that had standard pigmentation.

Joana Trindade / Via!Rare-Albino-Turtles-Hatch-on-Vamizi-Island/cqcy/DD9928D6-E322-4718-AF48-9478A99B361C

Two other albino baby turtles sadly didn't survive. :(

“Since the discovery, we have been doing some research and haven’t yet been able to find any records of albino green turtles with no pigmentation in their eyes,” Joana Trindade, conservation community manager on Vamizi Island, told Seven Seas.

The turtles were released and all made their way safely to the sea.

Joana Trindade / Via!Rare-Albino-Turtles-Hatch-on-Vamizi-Island/cqcy/DD9928D6-E322-4718-AF48-9478A99B361C

Trindade and her colleages are now trying to find out if other turtle conservation projects have ever found anything similar, and plan to run genetic tests on tissue samples they took from the turtles.

Kelly Oakes is science editor for BuzzFeed and is based in London.

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