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Snapchat Just Solved Your Popular People Problems

A new secret code lets you have 5 "best friends" instead of 3. Because what socially stunted loser has JUST 3 besties?

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Snapchat has always had a feature that shows your three most frequently snapped friends. The feature shows up in two places: your public web profile (which is potentially a terrible thing if you're caught being top snappers with the wrong person), and at the top of your friends list when you're sending a new snap (a helpful feature so you don't have to scroll through your whole list).

But only THREE best friends? What are you, some sad shut-in with bad body odor who spends Friday nights playing canasta with your mom?

Any decent snapper worth his or her weight in selfies knows that it can be annoying having to scroll all the way down your alphabetized friends list, especially when doing the morally dubious mass-snap. You need this.

To worth the secret code, take a photo and type in the text box exactly:


Make sure you get the dot dot dot after!

Then, go to your friends list as if you were going to send it, and refresh the friends list. For me, it didn't add the extra 2 people right away, they had to "earn" their way to the top, but it happened a few snaps later.

Update: Turns out the first "S" in "Sopopular" must be capitalized for this to work. A previous version of this post had it in all lowercase. If you tried with lowercase and it didn't work, try again!

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