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This American Shero Buttchugged Mountain Dew

Nevertheless, she persisted.

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Susan B. Anthony. Rosa Parks. Hillary Clinton. And now add to that list of feminist icons, @lilbabybytch. On the second to last day of Women’s History Month, this fearless woman leaned in and broke a whole new barrier: the first woman to buttchug Mountain Dew.


This isn’t the first time @lilbabybytch has shattered the glass ceiling of doing dirtbag stuff. In 2015, she made headlines here at BuzzFeed for buttchugging cough syrup with the help of her friend @freakmommy. It may surprise you that both women do not drink or do drugs, nor do any of the partygoers at the Mountain Dew event.

I caught up with this American shero to ask her a few questions about her groundbreaking journey to fully do the Dew.

BuzzFeed: What inspired you to undertake this experiment?

@lilbabybytch: Well the same as with the alcohol-free cough syrup, I just wanted to see if it would work at all. Coffee enemas are pretty common, so I wanted to try some uncharted caffeine suppository territory.

So what happened when you did it? Did it work? Did it all just poop/splash out?

So a can of Mountain Dew only has about 55mg of caffeine in it, and I did not get anywhere near 12 oz. in there. I didn't notice any obvious effects, but I couldn't sleep. I lay awake grinding my teeth for about four hours! I shotgunned a Mountain Dew after the buttchug though, so honestly there's too many variables to speak on it definitively.

Here’s a video of it in action. WARNING: VERY NSFW

.@TakinRespect311 video by @sickxmachine

So it stayed inside you?

I didn't poop for four hours. I thought I would have the runs (it felt like I would), but it was pretty mellow and ended quickly. Here's a picture of my friend Carolyn next to the part that leaked out of my butt in the couple minutes afterward:

Any weird poops after?

No! It didn't get my digestion going off in any weird way. I wish it had.

Was it classic Mountain Dew, or one of the flavors, like Code Red?

Classic. My favorite flavor is Voltage.

Any advice for the fans out there?

If you wanna get a lot of liquid in your ass, do it like an enema. Handstands are not conducive to receiving large volumes of soda. But most of all, you don't need to do drugs to have fun.

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