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For Those Who Bought Adele's CD And Don't Know How To Play It

So you've purchased a "compact disc"...

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2. Perhaps you've just realized you have LITERALLY ZERO idea of how to play a real CD anymore.

So I bought the @Adele CD and then remembered I don't have a CD player (for the last 10 years) or disk drive to play it.

3. What even IS that weird slot in my car for? What is this ancient "stereo" my parents have?

if I bought the physical adele cd where would I even play it. the tv? in the car I guess? what a time

4. Don't worry kids. As an extremely elderly person (age 34) I am an expert in playing compact discs. I will teach you.

i bought the new adele on cd at target. my macbook doesn’t have a disc drive though so i had to import it to my moms dell...

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