A Guide To The New Snapchat Filters And Big Fonts

Snapchat just released new filters, but they’re a little confusing to use. Here’s how to turn them on and get the big text.

1. First, update the app (update was released 12/20). Then, go to the Settings gear on your feed:

2. In Settings, click on “Additional Services —> Manage”:

3. Then turn all the cool new things to ON:

“Replay” is a new feature that lets you rewatch one snap per day. Good or bad? Who knows, but go ahead and turn it on.

“Best Friends” lets you keep your favorite people conveniently at the top of your contacts list.

4. To use the filters: Take a photo, then SWIPE right to left

5. There’s a couple of Instagram-ish filters, plus overlaps with the speed (wut?), weather, and time.

6. To make BIG TEXT, tap the big “T” when you’re typing:

7. You can make your keyboard’s standard emoji big too:

8. Don’t forget to step up your Snapchat by using the secret extra colors:

Touch the rainbow color bar, and without lifting your finger, drag it left, then up, down, or around the screen to access a wider color palette.

Bam! Now you can draw with white, black and more.

9. Snapchat used to have 3 “secret” filters - b&w, sepia, and negative that you enabled by typing in a codeword, but as of this update, they no longer work. It’s okay, these are better anyway. Happy Snapping!

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