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People Are Mad A Tech Company Used A Woman In Underwear In Ads

FORTAcloud used a photo of a woman in underwear to advertise a sale on its cloud storage accounts. People are ... not pleased!

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Fortacloud is a cloud storage company. Today, it tweeted a discount offer with an apparently unrelated photo of a woman in underwear:

50% off Mondays. Promo Code: 50OFFMONDAY. Limited to first 150 signups. #VPS #COUPON

Somehow the reaction on Twitter did not go over well. The company explained the photo was meant to appeal to its male customer base.

@RichardPrice Well, 99% of our customers are male between the ages of 18 and 42, similar to another industry. See

Annnnnnndddd.... BOOM! There goes the link to the dictionary definition of "sexism".

@RichardPrice I don't believe it falls under the definition of sexism. Sorry if we offended you.


Someone then responded with a link to the Wikipedia section for "Objectification" in the sexism entry. FORTAcloud dug its heels in deeper.

@randompunter @RichardPrice According to Wikipedia, advertising with images of beautiful girls is sexism. Certainly, we are one among many.

FORTAcloud responded to another complaint by comparing its ad to other ads.

@AdamTuttle We have many of both Adam. Do you not recall the #godaddy Super Bowl ads a few years back?

People were not happy.

@FortaCloud @RichardPrice I am not offended. I just think it is ridiculous and will absolutely not be a customer of yours. I'm 21 and male.

@FortaCloud @RichardPrice I'm not offended of the photo, but I am offended you think this is acceptable business behaviour. It's not.


@FortaCloud @RichardPrice This 34 year old male will not use your services after that stupid stunt.

.@FortaCloud As a potencial (male) customer I found this sexist and offensive. And saying "everyone does it" is making it worse.

FORTAcloud has used a similar marketing technique for its Facebook account in the past:

BuzzFeed News has attempted to contact FORTAcloud (its phone number is disconnected and email bounces). We will update if other attempts to contact them are returned.

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