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37 Saddest Failed Kickstarters

Kickstarter's 3rd anniversary this week, and they've had some great success stories. But not every project gets funded. Here's a few of Kickstarter's spectacular flops:

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3. $21 of $300

"On July 7th, 2012 I will be presenting a concert of my very best work: my favorite adventure stories, folk-tales, story songs, harmonica music and (wait for it) sword fighting (yes, sword fighting) all framed in the tale of my own personal journey to become a professional entertainer."

4. $0 of $5,000

"A pig in a pocket and the snake wants his turn too. The dog and the cat along with the rat all race toward the pocket to burrow inside."

6. $0 of $75,000

"Remember that scary movie you saw in theaters that made you jump out of your seat? What about when your boyfriend got scared, but tried to say he didn't? What if you could have these reactions as pictures that could be shared instantly on Facebook or Twitter?"

7. $470 of $275,000

The Pitch: "The design of the memorial features two small-scale symbolic World Trade Center Towers made of aluminum sheets with the names of all of the victims cut out of the sheets, leaving a lacy shell through which light is projected at night."


8. $0 of $5,000

"I currently just post poems online but would like to take this to a much broader audience. I don't want to go through a major publisher as this can be time consuming, expensive and depressing."

11. $0 of $57,000

"I’ve had my share of wet dreams when I was younger because I stood thinking about some girl that I wanted while I was in still High School. Those are regular, normal stress release dreams."


15. $120 of $15,000

"Single Again allows you and your friends to experience dating in the new millennium without ever leaving your living room."

17. $0 of $4,800

"This documentary shares the stories of three people who have all had an encounter with Christianity, but have all went different ways. One is rich and famous, one is in prision serving 25 years to life, and one is now an athiest."


19. $0 of $8,000

"When not writing, my interests and hobbies include spending time with my family and friends, camping, hiking, golf, auto racing (I have raced karts – capable of speeds in excess of 100mph, pit crewed in the Indianapolis 500, and operated the driver communications board from the wall at the edges of speedways across the United States for my former client, two-time Indy 500 winner and national auto racing champion, Al Unser, Jr)."

20. $5 of $7,500

"In this game, each player takes on the role of one of billionaire Jonathan Glamcock's hot house boys...I mean, employees."

21. $2 of $75,000

"All in all, the users will love their virtual world even more than they love their real world. They will crave their virtual world, they will need it... want it... constantly be in it... "

22. $0 of $2,200

"I want to experiment with many other fabrics and also design Boot-Skinz for ladies western boots. I also plan to market to teens."


23. $0 of $1,500

"A 20-page, full color comic book provides a glimpse at adventures to come and tells the story of Maya Smith, a homeless woman trying to find her place in life only to find it all too soon."

25. $0 of $1,000

"First, unlike the other businesses my reminders from Mr. Claus will be sent out year-round to remind kids to keep up the good work because Christmas will be here before they know it!"

27. $0 of $50,000

"I would open a small and open layout, add some comfy tables and chairs, a register, and a complete running bakery in the back. Everything will be made from scratch and served with a variety of hot and cold coffees."

28. $0 of $10,000

"The band along side with the director decided that it's crusual the music video for this song to be made in Macedonia, because it is a beautiful country with rich history and amazing, unique locations and the music video features an actress from Hollywood, Natalie Gal (Wall Street 2; Eat, pray, love; Jack and Jill...)."

29. Karma Custom "You Reap What You Sow" Debut Mixtape: $0 of $800

In the end, I represent a voice of this generation. The new voice of the young people.

34. $0 of $19,750

"LOVE OF MUSIC is an on-going photo exploration of women posed in various romantic and erotic relationships with musical instruments (cello, guitars, harp, rock drums, etc.)"

Katie Notopoulos is a senior editor for BuzzFeed News and is based in New York. Notopoulos writes about tech and internet culture is cohost of the Internet Explorer podcast.

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