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23 Vomworthy Broken Computers Will Make You Want To Die A Little

There's a whole sub-Reddit called "Tech Support Gore" dedicated to horribly busted stuff that IT personnel get stuck with. Steel your mind for these horrors, this is not for the faint of heart.

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13. "Don't Smoke and Compute" / Via

"This is the PSU from my uncle's dead computer. He handed it off to my dad to see if it could be fixed. After being unable to get it to stay on for more than about 10 seconds, I decided to throw in a spare PSU I just happened to have laying around. The PC booted with no problem. The inside of his case smelled of stale tobacco, but the CPU and GPU fans were surprisingly clean. I noticed that the tobacco smell was hovering over the PSU after removal, so I decided to pop it open. This is what was left in the PSU AFTER about two cigars worth of tar fell out."


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