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How Much "Sex" Is At SXSW? is an app that lets you send your STD report by text. They think it might come in handy at SXSW Interactive!

Posted on — an app that allows users to text each other links to their STD reports — isn't brand-new (it garnered some press between last year and last month), but the app has resurfaced just in time, according to its truly amazing PR pitch, for SXSW:


Is South by Southwest (SXSW) the new Spring Break for Emerging Tech Geeks? The must have mobile technology for SXSW isn't a festival guide or chat/photo feature – it's a new website that allows you to verify and check someone's STD status on your mobile phone – is a free website for people who wants to privately share their verified STD results with anyone via text message or online. Geeks love it! It's a known fact that there is a huge amount of "Sex" that happens at SXSW as creators, indie film makers, up-and-coming stars flock there to spark ideas, find investors, create together and…have sex. The panel sessions on Sex and Creativity tend to be most popular. But is the free love of the festival worth the after effects of coming home with an unwanted gift like some Spring Breakers, an STD?" [Emphasis added.]

Geeks love it! Those geeks. They just can't get enough of text-message-based STD reporting, and also the sex that goes hand-in-sexy-hand with it.

We don't doubt there's sex being had at/during/just outside parts of SXSW, but exactly how much "Sex" (and a huge amount, no less??) is happening between panels and behind startup booths at the festival's technology, gaming, and social networking event, SXSW Interactive?

Let's take a look at the website for clues.

Emerging Tech Geeks!

Get yourselves to SXSW Interactive (your very own spring break, starting this Friday) where there might well be sex, and where there will almost definitely be "Sex," or at the VERY very least, """""Sex.""""""

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