Backseat Meteorologists Passive-Aggressively Cover Hurricane Sandy

They might not be on or anywhere near the East Coast, but they’ve got this.

Paul Douglas, meteorologist for the Star Tribune, Minneapolis, MN.

From the last line of today’s weather blog: “No big storms for us; a light shower late Friday, again Election Day - a streak of highs in the 40s.”

Jennifer Broome, meteorologist for KDVR, Denver, CO, where there are just boring scattered clouds.

Jim Kosek, meteorologist for KVTX in Salt Lake City, UT.

Listen, do you want my help OR NOT?

Rick Dickert, meteorologist for KTTV, Los Angeles, CA.

“Sandy,” if that’s really her name.

Scott Sistek, meteorologist for, Seattle, WA.

What ELSE is 350 miles?? Let’s make a list!!!

Jason Stiff, hashtag enthusiast and shit-talking meteorologist for KOB-TV, Albuquerque, NM.

Luke Morris is exhausted being the meteorologist for KLKN in lame Lincoln, NE.

Jeff Last, meteorologist for WCM, Green Bay, WI.

So quiet and cold that it could just freeze up and disappear and nobody would even NOTICE.

Karli Ritter, meteorologist for WDAF-TV, Kansas City, MO.

What did Sandy ever do for US?

Steve Browne, meteorologist for KSAT-TV, San Antonio, TX.

“Nothing noteworthy.” >:(

Jim Caldwell, meteorologist for WYMT-TV, Hazard, KY/person with weird ideas about what’s weird and what isn’t weird.

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