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Adorable Teens Are Friending Their Moms On Facebook

Last week Facebook released a study called "How Families Interact On Facebook." The findings are very sweet.

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Facebook Data Science recently published a note about the way parents and children interact with each another on the site. Researchers found that among children aged 13–17 who are Facebook friends with their parents, 65% of the friend requests were sent by the kids, which is extremely cute of them.

The study also includes charts listing common phrases and terms used by fathers and mothers on their children's profiles (by sex), and vice versa. The chart that shows what parents typically write on their sons' Facebook walls is my favorite one, especially if you string the phrases together. "Proud of you, dude. Well done, football game. Way to go, ass. Shit. Love dad." No, but the charts that show what kids write to their parents are so sweet they made me well up; but I also don't think I was blinking.

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