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Obama On Iraq: "This Is Going To Take Time"

"We will continue to pursue a long-term strategy to turn the tide against ISIL."

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President Obama said Monday the administration is continuing to pursue a "long-term" strategy against ISIS in Iraq.

Obama emphasized how critical the formation of the new government in Iraq is to the security of the country. But the president noted at several points that the issue of ISIS in Iraq would not be quickly resolve.

"The Iraqi people need to reject them and united to begin to push them out of the lands that they've occupied as we're seeing at Mosul Dam," Obama said. "This is going to take time; there are going to be many challenges ahead."

"But meanwhile there should be no doubt that the United States military will continue to carry out the limited missions that I've authorized," he continued, "protecting our personnel and facilities in both Irbil and Baghdad, and providing humanitarian support as we did on Mt. Sinjar."

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