Mark Sanford Loves Props

The former South Carolina Governor has a history of using visual aides to help make his points

1. These 1,000 $1 Bills

Sanford took out $1,000 in ones to decry outside money being spent in his race against Democrat Elizabeth Colbert Busch.

2. This Cardbord cutout of Nancy Pelosi

He recently debated a cardboard cutout of the House Minority Leader.

3. Which of course launched 100 memes

This was our favorite.

4. This Horse and Buggy

in 2005, Sanford took a horse and buggy to the statehouse to protest “outdated” government.

5. These Two Pigs Nicknamed “Pork” and “Barrel”

As governor, Sanford took two pigs with him to the statehouse when the legislature kept overriding his vetoes. (He later joked he BBQ’d the pigs).

6. These plywood signs

Sanford is known for being a frugal guy, so he got volunteers to spray paint these signs.

7. This basket of dry cleaning


Sanford held a press conference at a dry cleaners, so he brought some clothes along.

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