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A Video Of A Dog Walking Like A Little Person Went Viral And Now Everyone's Freaking Out

OK, here's everything we know so far. WARNING: This post contains graphic images.

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A video of a dog appearing to walk on its hind legs like a little human went super viral in the West this week.

In the video, a small dog dressed in a white top, pants, and a backpack can be seen running on its two hind legs along a street in China.

The dog's owner can then be heard saying in Mandarin Chinese, "Run slower, wait for me," as the dog turns around.

A tweet in English about the video was retweeted 26,000 times.


On Huoshan Video, there's an account called "Wanghong Doudou" — which essentially translates to "Viral Smol Bean" — and it has more than 34,000 followers.

Huoshan Video

According to the account's bio, Smol Bean lives in Shanghai and is a female.


But here's where things start to get weird. There is another account on Huoshan Video called "Viral Smol Bean Small Account" that's also sharing videos of a dog that appears to be Smol Bean, but shot from other angles.

Huoshan Video

This account also says that it is the original creator of Viral Smol Bean, but its location is listed as Ningbo, a city in the northeastern province of Zhejiang. That's about three hours away from where the other Smol Bean account claims to be based.


And now that Smol Bean has attracted so much attention, it's inspired people to share videos of owners abusing their dogs in order to train them to stand.

There's a viral video of a walking dog.. This is nothing but cruel! This is how they're trained to stand upright an…

@pandajari I believe this is the same dog in the vid. someone else said that the woman in the vid says the dog is b…


Smol Bean's owner posts videos where he shows people how he trains the dog. In one clip, he teaches Smol Bean to move her front legs up and down while sitting by guiding her with his hands, and then feeding her a treat afterwards.


And, for the record, it doesn’t look like Smol Bean always runs around like a little person.

BuzzFeed News has reached out to the owner of the main Smol Bean account, but based on the comments, it seems like for most Chinese users, it's just a cute account of a dog.


Kassy Cho is a reporter for BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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