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An Art Student Stuck A Piece Of Spaghetti In A Wacom Pen And Somehow It Worked

It actually works.

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The answer, it turned out, was yes, and Botelho uploaded a video to prove it.

@ChrisCDesign Sorry if you can hear my breathing I have a stuffie nose


For example, she used it on the face and hair and most of the details on this drawing.

"There is the risk that it might break off in your pen," Botelho said. "But I'd probably use this if I couldn't afford nibs and needed to get work done for a client."

Botelho said the responses to her tweet have been really funny, "especially the people getting overly excited because they're a broke artist as well."

She added that she has made a few friends because of the tweet.

Kassy Cho is a reporter with BuzzFeed News and is based in London.

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