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People Can't Get Over This Teen's Mom Who Closed Their Living Room For A Month

Me as a mom.

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To prepare for the event, his mom Michele Keylor decided to close the living room for a month to save herself from having to do any further cleaning before then.

Denbow, 17, told BuzzFeed News that his mom put up the sign on Saturday because she was tired of having to clean up after "my and mostly my brother's messes" in the living room.

Nick Denbow

"She has told us to stay out of rooms that she's just cleaned before but never completely 'closed' it for a month," he said.


He added that not even the family's two dogs have dared to enter the still pristine living room.

Nick Denbow

"There's no barricade or anything to keep them out," he said. "It's just like they know to stay out."


Denbow said he didn't expect his tweet to go viral, but that it was nice to see so many people relating to it.

He added that he doesn't think his mom actually expects the living room to be closed for a month.

"She's mostly joking about 'closing' it haha," he wrote. "She just wants us to keep it clean and decided that putting a sign and tape up would make that clear."

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