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People Can’t Get Enough Of This Father And Daughter’s Precious Morning Motivation Chant

"I am strong. I am smart. I work hard. I am beautiful. I am respectful."

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Every morning before leaving the house, she does a positive affirmation chant with her father and it is absolutely adorable.

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"I am strong. I am smart. I work hard. I am beautiful. I am respectful. I'm not better than anyone. Nobody's better than me. I am amazing. I am great," Aliya can be heard repeating back to her 27-year-old father, Ron Alston Jr., in the video.


Alston said he did not expect his video to go viral at all, adding that it was "just an everyday thing that I chose to film, just for her to see later in life."

The video has since been viewed more than 16 million times.


Alston added that "this goes way beyond just speaking in the mirror."

Ron Alston Jr.

"Everything we do each day has lessons and values," he said. "I always support her and remind to try her best, much more than what is seen on the camera."

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