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A K-Pop Band Member Apparently Mouthed The N-Word On A Live Stream And People Are Pissed

"All I have to say is that Jaehyun fucked up and there's never any excuse for a non-black person to ever say any variation of that word."

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Every night, Jaehyun and Johnny, two members of the K-pop boy band NCT, host a radio show called NCT Night Night on Korean radio station SBS Power FM.

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The show's video livestream continued for some time after the two signed off, and Jaehyun can be seen singing along and mouthing a line which includes the n-word. It is unclear whether he actually said the word aloud, as both the DJs' microphones had been turned off.

he said westside nigga....with his chest too 😭

Fans watching the livestream couldn't believe what they had witnessed.

did i just see jaehyun mouthing the n word...

And voiced their disappointment in him.

I’m so disappointed I love jaehyun but this was unacceptable even if it was just mouthing it it’s still wrong

all i have to say is that jaehyun fucked up and there's never any excuse for a non-black person to ever say any variation of that word


me rting memes about dragging jaehyun to help mask my pain disappointment and shame

They felt that Jaehyun had no excuse as he lived in the US for four years.

Jaehyun speaks English and lived in America for 4 years and y’all trying to tell me he don’t know what the n word m…

people are blaming johnny when it was jaehyun's fault he literally "lived in america for 4 years" he should've known

jaehyun in the 97 gc: what's up guys? why y'all quiet today? 😂 jungkook: mingyu yugyeom: seokmin: bambam: minghao:

And called out other fans who tried to shift the blame onto Johnny and in other cases, Aminé.

What y’all not gonna do is blame Johnny who wasn’t even facing Jaehyun. He didn’t know anything about him mouthing…


hajgkekvkdkf lori got a cc anon talm bout how we should blame the songwriter for writing the song that jaehyun sang to ofmg

Aminé in the studio “damn I can’t put nigga in the lyrics, dont want my west side homie jaehyun to get attacked aga…

please don’t drag other members in this situation. jaehyun is a grown man, and should apologize and educate himself. NO one else it to

People are now demanding an apology.

@NCTsmtown @SMTOWNGLOBAL @nctnightnight please tell jaehyun to apologise for mouthing the n word hes a whole grown man he should know better

i hope jaehyun knows that what he did was wrong and apologizes until then idk him

"Jaehyun still hasn't apologized and nct night night about end " moodboard

BuzzFeed News has reached out to Jaehyun's representatives for comment.

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