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The Sublime Beauty Of Wikipedia GIFs

A new site randomly extracts moving images from Wikipedia's articles. Forget Tumblr, this is real net art.

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Wikigifs, created by Joel Franusic, is a single-serving site that shows you a random GIF from Wikipedia's servers with each click. Wikipedia was founded in 2001 and didn't really hit its stride until 2004, but these thousands of GIFs are pure '90s — created, as most of Wikipedia's content is, by users.

There's something soothing about looking at Wikipedia this way; it's the sum of human knowledge, at least on the Internet, distilled into a bunch of pixelated, dithered, borderline-inexplicable animations. Minus context, they become almost beautiful. And they raise questions too. Like:


Here, try it for yourself. I could click this site for hours. WELCOME TO THE NEW "ART."

Thanks to @selviano for the tip.

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