The Craziest Man In Technology Through The Years

John McAfee, from high school student to grizzled fugitive. A photo timeline of the antivirus pioneer gone rogue.

1. High School Yearbook, Circa 1962:

2. In the Early McAfee Associates Days, Circa 1987:

3. Norton Associates, 1989:

4. 1989 Interview:

5. At His Home, 2001:

Near the peak of his wealth.

6. 2002:

The Yoga phase (which never quite ended).

7. 2008, Roanoke College:

8. Talking to ABC in 2009, After Losing His Fortune:

9. 2010-2011, Belize, With One Of His Many Girlfriends:

Read more about this here, at Gizmodo.

10. May 2012:

Handout / Reuters

11. November 2012, Belize:

Ambergris Today Online-Sofia Munoz, File / AP

12. November 2012, Belize, Posing for Wired:

13. This Week:

Jorge Dan Lopez / Reuters

Paramedics observe U.S. anti-virus software guru John McAfee at the Policia Nacional Civil hospital in Guatemala City, Dec. 6, 2012. According to McAfee’s lawyers, he was feeling as though he might lose consciousness and experiencing heart problems.

Authorities have since confirmed that he did not have a heart attack.

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