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Say Hello To The New Instagram Aesthetic

Slow. Soooo slloooooowwwwwwwwww. And still filtered.

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The slow motion video camera on the iPhone 5S is one of a small handful of truly new features in the phone. It will also be the one you notice most — not through your own usage, but through your friends' Instagram feeds.

As a promotional ploy, Apple gave Burberry an iPhone 5S a few days early and let the company post photos and videos from it on Instagram. Advertising element aside, this is useful in that it gives us the first look at how people will use, and misuse, slow motion on their phones, and how it will manifest in practice.

Slow motion will be to shareable video what photo filters were to shared photography — useful, overuses, valuable, cheap, and most of all ubiquitous. And the sound. The sound! Everything fun will become an industrial nightmare.

Anyway, yes: tomorrow, slow motion is going to take over the internet.

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