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Make An Instant Photo Timeline Out Of Anything

Using an old hack, developer David Hirmes was able to build an instant Google Image Search timeline generator. Just enter a year and a term and let Google work its senseless magic.

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Google used to give developers access to date data in Google image search, but stopped publicly supporting the feature because, well, it didn't work very well. But they didn't actually shut it off, which is how David Hirmes was able to build Photo Timeline, an instant image timeline generator.


It's crude and isn't at all accurate. but it can still spit out some loose and wonderful little date-sorted collages, with a dose of Google Image Search's trademark spam porn serendipity. Like the one for cellphones:

It's great for bands

And toys:


And pretty much anything else:

It'll even attempt to predict the future, too, but that doesn't work so well. Or maybe it does?

Build your own here and post them in the comments.

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