Here’s What The Next BlackBerry Phones Are Going To Look Like

This is how RIM plans on getting people to switch back to BlackBerry. Uh-oh.

1. Here’s the dialer and home screen:

BlackBerry 10 looks like Samsung’s Android skins, or even Bada.

2. This is how you answer calls:

Simple, but it ought to be.

3. The photo roll and camera seem a bit glitchy:

It’s early software, but still.

4. The notification center is more Apple than Google:

And more confusing than either.

5. Here’s the whole video.

From Vietnamese forum, via BoyGenius.

It’s not ugly, and it seems to run fairly smoothly. But those are smartphone OS table stakes circa 2009 — now you need a healthy app store too.

It’s going to be a tough climb back for BlackBerry.

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