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Here's Why You Should Stay Home On Black Friday

IT'S A SCAM. And it will make you sad. Also: leftovers.

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The best times to buy, according to Decide:

-Laptops: Mid-December is the best time to buy during the holiday season.

-TVs: To get the lowest price on a TV, the best time to buy is the week leading up to Black Friday.

-Cameras: From point-and-shoots to more sophisticated models for professional photographers, the best time to buy is before Black Friday.

You're stuck with your phone for two years, and your laptop for even longer. Tablets are getting cheaper every day, and the best stuff, from brands like Apple and Google and Microsoft and Amazon, isn't any cheaper on Black Friday.

TVs are ALWAYS cheap, and there are much more important things to consider than whether or not you'll save $50. Like, for example, how that giant TV will look in your living room for the next five years.

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