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This Mom Gave Her College-Bound Son A Cardboard Cutout Of Their Dog

"It can be kind of scary going off to college, but now I've got my dog in my dorm with me."

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When 19-year-old Jake Ostrowski began packing up his things for his first year at college, there was one thing he was pretty bummed to not be able to bring along: his golden retriever, Jesse.

Jake Ostrowski

"I love my dog — he sleeps with me every night," Ostrowski, who's from Houston, told BuzzFeed News. "I’ve been really sad because I’ve got to leave him to go to college."

Fortunately, his mom, Sharla, had the perfect solution.

On Thursday, she surprised him with a life-size cardboard cutout of Jesse.

Jake Ostrowski

Ostrowski said he was "so excited" when he saw the cutout.

"I’m sure anyone would love a cardboard cutout of their dog," he said.

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