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16 Great Tweets That Were Stolen This Week

Nine out of ten doctors recommend unfollowing a parody account today.

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People steal tweets. They've been doing it since Twitter was a thing. Every week, there are dozens of accounts that recycle other people's viral tweets so they can build their own brand and make money.


As these accounts grow, they can organize sponsored ads — relying entirely on the humor and thoughts of others — which they nestle in between recycled memes, text posts, and tweets.

Recently, people have started to strike back against these accounts. For example, the Twitter account Kale Salad retweets popular tweets that have been stolen.

So, as we have been doing every week, here are some of the best tweets that got stolen in the past seven days – so you can retweet them straight from the source.


me venting to someone that probably low key hates me and is gonna talk shit about me in a group chat later


I am a: ⚪️Man ⚪️Woman 🔘Father Looking for: ⚪️Men ⚪️Women 🔘MY SON HAVE YOU SEEN MY SON



when you crave attention but also close yourself off emotionally


i'd rather take a razor scooter to the ankle 55 times than tell the class a fun fact about myself


me: I want to fucking kill myself I want to end it all someone: ok? me: lol yeah it's a song


Me: I should clean my room Me after picking up one sock:





Not to spoil the eclipse for y'all but Bella chooses Edward lol


Me taking quick glimpses of the eclipse without glasses 😂



me thinking abt how much i hate boys bc they're evil but also how much i adore this 1 boy n want to be w him forever


The plagiarism section of the syllabus is the same for every class, almost as if it was copied.....&.....pasted???


ever think about something embarrassing you did like 5 yrs ago


me as soon as i start showing symptoms of a cold:


I rly hope my ex treats his next girl so much better n like a queen bc ya girl right here took one for the fuckin TEAM


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