Three Ways To Become Immediately Classy

Like a tuxedo T-shirt for your ears.

1. Your room may be a total mess…

2. But your life doesn’t have to be!

3. There are three very simple things to do to become instantly classy.

Paramount Pictures / Via

Yes, penguin, only three things!

4. Step one: Turn on the magic of Rainymood. (Click on the GIF below.)

Rainymood is a delicious rainstorm that’s perfect for helping along those ~cozy feelings~ so you’re warm and safe inside.

5. Step two: Turn up some Miles.

You can use any music, really. Just take the classiest song/album you can think of and put it into a Youtube URL looper.

6. Step three: you’re almost done! Set this to full screen.

BOOM! Now you are classy.

7. You’re welcome, you stud/stud-ess.


Have a good night.

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