A Five-Year-Old Explains Why Books Are The Best

“You deserve it, just like you deserve dessert.”

1. The world can be a dark and scary place. Until you ask a 5-year-old why books are great and he says this:

2. “Some books are funny and you get to laugh.”

TriStar Pictures / Via dailyedge.ie

3. “You deserve it, just like you deserve dessert.”


4. “Books are like dessert…”

Disney / Via thedailymeal.com

5. “…because if you deserve one…”


6. “…you can have one!”

7. “If you want to read one but you can’t read…”

Universal Pictures / Via judgmental-little-fuckers.tumblr.com

8. “…just look at it.”

9. So go ahead, grab a book.* You deserve it.

Walt Disney Pictures / Via booksdirect.tumblr.com

*and maybe some dessert.

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