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9 Adorable Kids Talk About Why Books Are The Best

We visited 826 NYC, an after-school program for kids in Brooklyn, and asked kids about reading.

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We asked these amazing, creative kids why they liked reading. Listen up!

1. "I like reading BIG books."

2. "When it's night time, you can read them and it gives you nightmares."

3. "I like reading as much as cake. They make me have joy in me."

4. "You should see what the book is about... maybe you'll start liking books after all."

5. "Life is going to change, but if you let yourself change."

6. "In my imagination I can be a hero."

7. "You're able to feel what the characters are going through."

8. "If you have any trouble… just try to find a book that can help you.”

9. "If you read a couple of pages you'll probably like it, keep going."

Can't get enough of cute kids talking about books?

Check out 826 NYC for more superhero tales of kids falling in love with reading and writing.

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