40 Of The Most Satisfying Sounds In The World


1. Get ready to make your ears smile.


1. The click of a vacuum getting up up lots of crumbs.
2. The whirr of a fan on a hot night (or, for some people, any night.)
3. A kitten’s purr, welcoming you home from a long day.
4. The click of your dog’s nails on the floor when you first arrive.
5. The pressure release sound of getting water out of your ear.

3. 6. This crackling delight:

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Mmmmmm campfire smell

7. The click of a time card clocking out after work.
8. The electric click of a mosquito flying into a bug zapper.
9. The crisp sound of a shot with a 9-iron.
10. The slap of the mat when you stick a really tough landing in gymnastics.
11. That throwback sound of the PS3 turning on.

5. 12. Nothin’ but net:

13. The first bite of a crisp apple.
14. The sizzle of bacon in the morning (or, really, at any time.)
15. That mushy sound of stirring mac and cheese.
16. The steamy sizzle of a stir fry swirling in a pan.
(Really, any sound that signals the fact that you’re going to get to eat something delicious soon.)

7. 17. This crunch:

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18. A baby’s first laugh.
19. The “render complete” ding in After Effects.
20. The pop of a champagne cork.
21. The frothy sound of a perfect beer pour.
22. The clink of ice in a nice aged bourbon.

9. 23. This pop:

24. The smack of a perfectly executed high five.
25. The smack of a perfectly executed (and 100% consensual) butt slap.
26. The silence when your kids are napping.
27. The silence when your neighbor’s kids napping.
28. The click-click-roll of a gumball coming out of a gumball machine.

11. 29. This hush:

30. The ~sexy~ sound of your partner getting off.
31. The rev of a very expensive car engine.
32. A person’s scream when you’ve hidden behind a door to surprise them.
33. The hush that comes after a big snow storm.
34. The sound of money being counted.

13. 35. This click:

36. The gurgle of a coffee machine early in the morning.
37. The jingle of change in your pocket.
38. The poof of a pillow being fluffed.
39. The tssssk of a beer can being opened.

15. And finally, this:

“A long baritone fart that is unleashed after spending the night with a new girlfriend.” Thanks, Reddit.

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