29 Things Only People Who Work In Public Radio Will Understand

Tote bag life.

1. This is one of your most fundamental questions.

2. You never know who is going to walk by your desk on a given day.

…it could be…

BBC Radio 4 / Via bbc.co.uk

3. You get defensive when people complain about the pledge drive.

Let’s be real: Stations need the dough and people need the tote bags.

After all, that’s the money you need for that equipment upgrade you’ve been waiting for!

Like we said, we've got some equipment here @KBIA Radio that needs replacing! #kbialife

— Abbie F. Swanson (@dearabbie)

4. You’ve spent time trying to get your hair just right only to end up with headphone hair.

5. There is one of these on almost every desk:


6. And the bike room at your office is a thing of glory.

7. You have been peer pressured into joining a CSA.

Community (Radio) Supported Agriculture

8. And somehow, despite hearing the weather several times an hour, you still forget your umbrella.

Palisades Tartan / televandalist.com



9. You’ve worked really hard on a story only to hear this from an editor.

And it breaks your heart a little.

10. You’ve had to remind people that public radio is more than just “This American Life” and “Fresh Air.”

Lacey Micallef / Via laceymicallef.com

But that doesn’t stop you from being inspired by them.

11. But you’re happy that your mom is into it.

12. You’ve said “explain it to me like I’m in kindergarten” to someone with a Ph.D./Nobel Prize.

Universal / Via gif-weenus.com

Trade secrets.

13. You know that this isn’t just a tool to count laps.


14. And that a “dead cat” is not always gruesome.

15. You ask for a pronouncer for even the most simple names, just to make sure.

20th Century Fox / Via becomegorgeous.com

Anne [AN as in “pan”] Hathaway [HATH-uh-way]

16. You’ve looked at one of these for so long you thought your brain would turn to mush.

17. You revel in the fashion of your workplace.


Comfort Wide Shoes


It’s the outfit version of having “a face for radio.”

But nothing scares you more than loud accessories.


18. You’re sick of explaining to people the difference between NPR and local public radio.

NBC / Via imgur.com

19. You have heard somebody ask this aloud in the newsroom:

20. It never gets old to hear the famous voices of radio just chatting about their lunch.

21. And you know that no matter what it sounds like on air, curse words are everywhere.

22. You’re thrilled when you get to voice something.



23. But listening to yourself is always weird.


24. You know how many heroes are behind the scenes making things “sing.”

Have you hugged an engineer today?

25. You understand the true value of one of these:

26. And although you have to deal with it, cell phone tape makes you a little sad.

27. You’ve accepted the fact that your hard work helps some people fall asleep.

But it also brings them back to their days riding around in the back seat with their parents.

28. And although the pay isn’t glamorous…


29. You have to admit it feels good to make something that is all encompassing…

…And free…

That makes people happy.

So happy, they choose to pay for it!

And connects them to a whole universe of ideas.

So rock on, public radio magic-maker.

BBC 1 / Via youtube.com

You are loved.

PS If Ira Glass did this, you can do anything.


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