24 Animals Who Prove Humans Know Nothing About Dance

Just get off the dance floor already.

1. This bird single-handedly bringing MJ back to life.

BBC / Via vine.co

2. This panda who is celebrating the Soulja Boy he knows he is.

3. This b-boy gorilla.

He’s a little nostalgic for the old days when he’d walk the streets with his cardboard.

4. This turtle, who is paradoxically a fan of The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

There is no shell that can hold this guy back.

5. This dog, whose “Boom Boom Pow” is an overt challenge to Fergie.

More like Boom Boom PAW AMIRITE?

6. This bird, who inspired the song “Turn Down For What”

7. This pony, who is offended by J. Dash’s assertion that “nobody in the club WOP better than me.”

He was supposed to be in the video, but they decided to go in a different direction.

8. This gorilla, who has auditioned for Riverdance eight times.

“I’m coming for you, Michael Flatley.

9. This dog, who embodies the very spirit of conga lines.

10. This chameleon, who is the founder and CEO of Dub Step, LLC.

Those hands, tho.

11. This cockatoo whose ability to drop it low is unparalleled by the human species.

You would sprain your neck, so don’t even try.

12. This cat, whose wiggles inspired the widely used phrase “shake your booty.”

13. This mealworm, who danced until he died.


14. This flamingo, who is still working on his Michael Jackson spin-kicks, but is nailing his turns.

15. This lizard, who went to pop and lock classes for a year to learn how to do this.

There were semi-professionals in the class, too.

16. This dog whose friend is unimpressed by his skillz.

Don’t worry, pup. We’d share a dance floor with you any day.

17. This cat, who learned to dance on the internet of 2004.

18. This break dancing fly, who was the originator of “fly.”

True story.

19. This gorilla, who isn’t sick of this song yet.

It propels him into the future.

20. This duck, who is helped by the magic of the camera, but likes to share her energy.

She’s a 90’s gal, which is really old for a duck.

21. This bird, who knows she’s beautiful even when she’s dancing with her mouth open.

Don’t nobody tell you otherwise, bird.

22. This dog, who is offended that people would ever take the dance floor naked.

“It all depends on who is leading you,” she says demurely.

23. This bird, who knows a true jam when she hears it.

She’s only sad she can’t snap.

24. This orangutan, who knows every single word and wants you to know.

And if you think animals look silly imitating us, just remember what we look like when imitating them.


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