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An Elephant In Arizona Gave Birth To An Adorably Sleepy Baby Elephant

Mom and baby live at Reid Park Zoo in Tucson.

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This adorable baby elephant was born Wednesday night at a zoo in Tucson, Ariz., to a 24-year old African Elephant named Semba.

This is Semba’s third calf, but the first-ever elephant born at the Reid Park Zoo, the zookeepers said in a release.

The zookeepers have not yet selected a name for the calf, who weighed in at 245 lbs the day after her birth and seems to really enjoy sleeping.

A lot.

*Sweet dreams, baby elephant.*

Visitors are not yet allowed, since the first few days after the birth are essential for mother and calf to form a strong physical and emotional bond, the zookeepers said.

“We want to make sure that the calf is nursing regularly, that she’s learning to follow mom as mom moves about her space,” said Vivian VanPeenen, an education curator at the zoo.

Reid Park Zoo / Via Flickr: reidparkzoo

“And we’re watching Semba as well to make sure that she is recovering from the stress of labor," VanPeenen said. "So far, everything seems to be going great, but we’ll be continuing to monitor her closely.”

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