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Does Anyone In The World Actually Want Edward Snowden?

The former government contractor has applied for asylum in more than 20 countries. UPDATE: Nearly a week later, Snowden has been formally offered asylum in Venezuela.

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Is Snowden welcome? No.

India was the first country to reject Snowden, explaining that after "careful examination we have concluded that we see no reason to accede to the Snowden request."


Is Snowden welcome? Unknown.

A government spokeswoman said she had "no information" about Snowden's asylum application Tuesday morning.

Is Snowden welcome? Doesn't look like it.

Snowden's application won't be considered unless he is "on Ecuadorean territory," President Correa said in an interview with the Guardian. He added that helping Snowden get from Hong Kong to Russia was a "mistake on our part," made at "four in the morning" by an official who didn't have authorization.


Is Snowden welcome? No.

"A document, that does not meet the formal conditions for an asylum request, has arrived," Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski apparently tweeted. "But even if it did [meet conditions], I won't give a positive recommendation."

Is Snowden welcome? Not eligible.

From the Guardian:

A spokesman for the department of justice said that under Irish law an asylum application could only be accepted from a person who had landed in or was within the state.


Is Snowden welcome? That's a hard "No."

Brazil became the second country to outright reject Snowden's application without even using the excuse of eligibility.

Brazil will not grant asylum to former U.S. spy agency contractor Edward Snowden, a Foreign Ministry spokesman said on Tuesday, adding that it will leave the request unanswered.

Is Snowden welcome? Yes, on one condition ...

This might have been Snowden's best chance at asylum, as he is already on Russian soil, but he pulled his application after Putin said he could only stay if he stops "harming our American partners."


Is Snowden welcome? It's highly unlikely.

Again, he's not eligible. "An application for asylum must be made in Austria. We state under the rule of law and must follow the same procedure in all cases," Chancellor Werner Faymann said.

However! Snowden wouldn't be deported if he came to Austria as "there is no international arrest warrant" for him, Interior Minister Johanna Mikl-Leitner said.

Is Snowden welcome? Maybe!

"If there were a request, of course we would be willing to debate and consider the idea," President Evo Morales told RT. But according to local media, an application hasn't even been received.


Is Snowden welcome? YES.

On Friday, President Nicolás Maduro offered asylum to Snowden, saying he made his decision "in the name of America's dignity."

Early on, it looked likely that Venezuela would come through for Snowden.

"We think this young person has done something very important for humanity, has done a favour to humanity, has spoken great truths to deconstruct a world … that is controlled by an imperialist American elite," Maduro said Tuesday, adding that Snowden "deserves the world's protection."

Is Snowden welcome? No — he's not eligible.

"For an asylum petition to become a petition that the government could study, in other words for it to be legally admissible, it has to be made by a person who is in Spain," Foreign Minister Jose Manuel Garcia-Margallo told reporters.


Is Snowden welcome? Not through asylum, but there may be another way.

According to the Wall Street Journal, Switzerland stopped accepting asylum applications at embassies in September. A Swiss official in Moscow told USA Today the only exception is when "the person's life is in danger ... that doesn't appear to be the case here.

More from WSJ:

Instead, potential asylum seekers can request a three-month humanitarian visa that allows them to travel to the Alpine country. Humanitarian visas are granted when a person's life is in immediate danger. Celine Kohlprath, a spokeswoman for Switzerland's migration department, said Mr. Snowden had yet to apply for a humanitarian visa.

Is Snowden welcome? No response yet.


Is Snowden welcome? No.

Dutch State Secretary for Security and Justice Fred Teeven said the application isn't valid, as Snowden is currently abroad: "Since 2003, it is no longer possible to [apply] from abroad," he said.

Is Snowden welcome? Definitely not.

The Directorate of Immigration has received an application for asylum from Edward Joseph Snowden, Citizen of USA. The Directorate rejects the application for asylum in Norway.


Is Snowden welcome? Who knows, really? The government isn't commenting.

Is Snowden welcome? No.

The Wall Street Journal reports that Finland has received Snowden's application, though it hasn't been processed yet. According to local reports, the application isn't even considered valid, as Snowden is required to be in the country to make an asylum request.


Is Snowden welcome No.

Italy says Snowden is ineligible, but twists the knife in further: "[There] do not exist the legal conditions to accept such a request which in the government's view would not be acceptable on a political level either," Foreign Minister Emma Bonino said Thursday.

Is Snowden welcome? Nope.

Late Tuesday, Germany's Foreign Ministry and Interior Ministry said "the conditions for admittance are not fulfilled."


Is Snowden welcome? No.

"Like many countries, France received a request for asylum from Mr. Edward Snowden through its embassy in Moscow. Given the legal analysis and the situation of the interested party, France will not agree," French Interior Minister Manuel Valls said Thursday. Snowden's rejection — announced the same day Le Monde broke the news of a massive French data surveillance program — comes after a handful of French political parties expressed strong support for his asylum request.

Is Snowden welcome? Unknown.

Iceland has reportedly held "informal discussions" with someone representing Snowden — likely someone on the WikiLeaks legal team — but there has so far been no formal response from the country. Iceland Finance Minister Bjarni Benediktsson said Snowden's application will receive no special treatment.

Snowden initially identified Iceland as the place he'd most like to seek asylum.


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