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10 Revelations From The James Holmes Search Warrants

A judge in the Aurora theater shooting case ordered the release of several key documents on Thursday. They offer new insight into what exactly happened that deadly night.

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2. When searching Holmes' apartment, police found 50 cans/bottles of liquor.

The warrant didn't indicate whether they were full.

4. At the time of his arrest, Holmes was carrying a ton of cash.


8. Among the drugs found in his bathroom: Clonazepam and Sertraline.

Clonazepam treats epilepsy and bipolar and panic disorders. Sertraline treats depression, OCD, PTSD and anxiety and panic disorders. (The drug in the middle, Loratadine, is an over-the-counter allergy medicine.)

Many of the details in the warrants and affidavits released Thursday were made public during Holmes' preliminary hearing.

You can read about that hearing here and here.

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