Boston Bombings Leave 3 Dead, 144 Wounded

UPDATED, 1:24 a.m.: Breaking news updates from the Boston Marathon. At least 3 dead, over 100 injured. WARNING: Graphic images.

The Boston Globe is reporting that at least a dozen people have been seriously injured. CBS Boston is reporting that 20-30 have been injured. According to police scanner radio, the bomb apparently came from a suspicious package under the bleachers.

5. UPDATE, 3:20 p.m.: Reporters and runners are tweeting images and reactions from the finish line

6. UDPATE, 3:54 p.m.: The Boston Police Department has made its first statement via Twitter.

Boston Police confirming explosion at marathon finish line with injuries. #tweetfromthebeat via @CherylFiandaca

— Boston Police Dept. (@bostonpolice)

FYI no one at mi 26 has any idea what's happening.

— Dennis Crowley (@dens)

8. UPDATE, 3:35 p.m.: Screencaps of the explosion from CBS Boston.

11. UPDATE, 3:39 p.m.: Fox reports three dead; NYC counterrerorism unit on its way to Boston.

Shepard Smith of Fox News is reporting that three people are dead as a result of the explosion. They also report that New York is sending a counterterrorism team to assist Boston police.

Fox News

12. UPDATE, 3:41 p.m.: A Twitter user uploaded a video of the explosion from a local news station.

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13. UPDATE, 3:47 p.m.: Twitter user @CaptainDurk uploaded a Vine of the finish line before the explosion…

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14. And after the explosion.

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15. UPDATE, 3:50 p.m.: Reports of secondary devices.

Police officer near Boston Marathon finish line: 'There are secondary devices that have been found and are unexploded.'

— Chris Faraone (@Fara1)

16. UPDATE, 3:57 p.m.: The Boston Marathon has posted a statement on its Facebook page.

20. UPDATE, 4:05 p.m.: Boston Police Department spokesperson Cheryl Fiandaca confirms 22 injured, 2 dead.

22 injured. 2 dead #tweetfromthebeat

— Cheryl Fiandaca (@CherylFiandaca)

22. UPDATE, 4:08 p.m.: Boston Police department now reports 23 injuries, 2 dead.

Update 23 injuries 2 dead #tweetfromthebeat

— Cheryl Fiandaca (@CherylFiandaca)

24. UPDATE, 4:19 p.m.: The FAA has issued a temporary flight restriction extending in a 3-mile radius over the site of the explosion.

25. Boston Logan Airport remains open.

Please note: Logan airport is open. We encourage you to contact your airline for any flight changes prior to coming to the airport.

— Boston Logan Airport (@BostonLogan)

26. UPDATE, 4:26 p.m.: NBC News reports that a homemade bomb is the cause of the explosion.

BREAKING: Small homemade bomb is preliminary cause of explosion at Boston Marathon, law enforcement officials tell NBC News

— NBC Nightly News (@nbcnightlynews)

27. UPDATE, 4:28 p.m.: Associated Press reports that 2 more explosives have been found.

WASHINGTON (AP) _ Intelligence official: 2 more explosive devices found at Boston Marathon; being dismantled.

— Ken Thomas (@AP_Ken_Thomas)

28. UPDATE, 4:30 p.m.: Eyewitnesses report an increased police presence in New York City’s Times Square.

NYPD lined up in Times Square right now.

— Jordan Cohen (@jorcohen)

29. Earlier, the NYPD tweeted that they would be stepping up security at prominent locations.

The NYPD is stepping up security at hotels & other prominent locations in the city. More:


30. BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer spoke with an NYPD spokesperson, who reported that there have been no known threats to NYC.

NYPD tells me they're stepping up security in "sensitive locations" in NYC for "as long as it takes to determine what happened" in Boston.

— Ruby Cramer (@rubycramer)

But NYPD says there is no known threat to NYC. Increased security throughout the city "just a precaution."

— Ruby Cramer (@rubycramer)

32. UPDATE, 4:37 p.m.: Reuters confirms earlier reports of an explosion at the JFK Library. AP is reporting the explosion as well.

Boston police confirms another explosion at JFK Library #breaking

— Reuters U.S. News (@ReutersUS)

33. UPDATE, 4:45 p.m.: Eyewitness report of the explosion.

Via BuzzFeed’s Ruby Cramer:

Lindsay Parry, 35, lives in South Africa, works at Victoria University; visiting Boston with his wife and three friends for the marathon
Finished at 2:47, more than an hour before the attacks

He was 400 meters away from where the first explosion when off — at a pub with his three friends and wife in the Lennox Hotel on the first floor


“The cops and the police and the actual marshals of the race were incredibly efficient. They tore down all the barriers and ripped the advertising off the barriers to see if they could find any more explosions. Immediately, the medics started wheeling people off.

“When we left the hotel after 10 or 15 minutes, we walked out on the street to go back to our hotel [Liberty Hotel, a few blocks away], and there were people who weren’t even aware that the explosion had happened — people in restaurants, having coffee and laughing.”

“We saw people who were being wheeled out, but by that stage we hadn’t seen anybody lying or injured on the floor. I didn’t see anyone who I was certain was dead.”

34. UPDATE, 4:49 p.m.: CBS reports that a man carrying backpacks was seen on a surveillance camera before the explosions.

CBS: Surveillance photos showing man carrying backpacks prior to explosions according to Bob Orr

— Ross Neumann (@rossneumann)

35. UPDATE, 4:52 p.m.: BuzzFeed’s Michael Rusch uncovers video of the second explosion.

36. UPDATE, 4:57 p.m.: The FAA has stopped all flights to Boston Logan airport.

Please note: the FAA has announced a ground stop for Boston Logan airport until further notice.

— Boston Logan Airport (@BostonLogan)

5 p.m. flight from LGA to Boston was cancelled due to ground stop. Delta reps say they have no idea when it will be lifted.

— jessica testa (@jtes)

38. UPDATE, 5:00 p.m.: Boston Police Department reports two initial explosions at the marathon finish line, third explosion under investigation.

250pm two explosions at Marathon finish line. Multiple casualties #tweetfromthebeat via @CherylFiandaca

— Boston Police Dept. (@bostonpolice)

A third incident at JFK library. Not certain related- but BPD treating like they are #tweetfromthebeat via @CherylFiandaca

— Boston Police Dept. (@bostonpolice)

40. UPDATE, 5:07 p.m.: The Red Cross has launched a searchable “Safe and Well” database so people can find out if their loved ones are OK.

At post time, “Safe and Well” was experiencing slow page loads.

41. UPDATE, 5:13 p.m.: Google has also set up a person finder system to help people affected get in touch with one another.


42. UPDATE, 5:18 p.m.: Cell phone service reportedly shut down in Boston to prevent remote detonations of explosives.

Associated Press reports:

A law enforcement official says cellphone service has been shut down in the Boston area to prevent any potential remote detonations of explosives.

Authorities have not identified what caused the explosives that erupted at the finish line of the Boston Marathon. The official was speaking on condition of anonymity because the investigation was ongoing.

43. UPDATE, 5:20 p.m.: Ground stop has been lifted at Boston’s Logan Airport.

Ground stop has been lifted at Logan, per Delta reps, though there will be delays.

— jessica testa (@jtes)

44. UPDATE, 5:25 p.m.: Approximately 75% of the Boston Marathon runners crossed the finish line.

Of the 23,326 runners who started, 17,584 crossed the line. Last recorded finisher at 2:57 p.m. #BostonMarathon

— Runner's World (@runnersworld)

45. UPDATE, 5:27 p.m.: The White House Flickr account has posted a photo of President Obama receiving an update of the situation in Boston.

President Barack Obama talks on the phone with FBI Director Robert Mueller to receive an update on the explosions that occurred in Boston, in the Oval Office, April 15, 2013. Seated with the President are Lisa Monaco, Assistant to the President for Homeland Security and Counterterrorism, and Chief of Staff Denis McDonough. (Official White House Photo by Pete Souza)

46. UPDATE, 5:33 p.m.: NBC News reports that Boston Police have a “possible suspect” in custody.

Officials say that Boston PD are "guarding" a wounded man at a Boston hospital as a "possible suspect" - @JimMiklaszewski

— NBC News (@NBCNews)

47. UPDATE, 5:43 p.m.: At least 90 people are now reported to be injured. Still only two deaths.

UPDATE: At least 90 people injured in #BostonMarathon blasts, according to area hospitals.

— The Boston Globe (@BostonGlobe)

48. UPDATE, 5:46 p.m.: President Obama to address the nation at 6:10 p.m.

BREAKING: Obama to speak from the White House Monday evening about Boston Marathon explosions

— The Associated Press (@AP)

49. UPDATE, 5:55 p.m.: A college reporter has posted photos of Boston police detaining a man on the Boston Common.

Man on Boston common has been handcuffed. Police shouting at people to clear the area.

— Eric Twardzik (@Eric_Twardzik)

Suspect on the common. White van had police dogs in it.

— Eric Twardzik (@Eric_Twardzik)

And I cannot confirm if this man is a bombing suspect or not

— Eric Twardzik (@Eric_Twardzik)

52. UPDATE, 6:03 p.m.: Marathon bombing suspect is NOT in police custody.

BREAKING: Boston police commissioner says no suspect is in custody in marathon explosions

— The Associated Press (@AP)

53. UPDATE, 6:08 p.m.: A 3-year-old child is among those injured, according to a local reporter.

A 3-year-old had to be taken to Boston Children's hospital after the #BostonMarathon explosion ... injuries being called significant.

— Kayna Whitworth (@KaynaWhitworth)

54. UPDATE, 6:13 p.m.: Cell phone service in Boston in operation, experiencing heavy traffic.

WASHINGTON (AP) — Cellphone companies say service is operating in the Boston area, but with heavy traffic following of the explosions at the Boston Marathon.

A law enforcement official, citing an intelligence briefing, said cellphone service had been shut down Monday in the Boston area to prevent any potential remote detonations of explosives.

But officials with Verizon Wireless and Sprint Nextel said there had been no such requests.

Sprint spokeswoman Crystal Davis said: “Minus some mild call blocking on our Boston network due to increased traffic, our service is operating normally.”

55. UPDATE, 6:17 p.m.: Capitol flags to be lowered to half-staff out of respect for the Boston Marathon explosion victims.

Boehner: flags over the United States Capitol to be lowered to half-staff out of respect for the victims of the Boston Marathon tragedy

— Luke Russert (@LukeRussert)

56. UPDATE, 6:22 p.m.: Washington, D.C., mayor reports that the city has not received any specific threats.

DC Mayor Gray says NO information of specific threats to any targets in Washington, asks citizens to remain vigilant

— Scott Foster (@scottwfoster)

57. UPDATE, 6:28 p.m.: Video of President Obama’s address to the nation.

Via http://BuzzFeed%20/%20CNN

58. UPDATE, 6:30 p.m.: Transcript of President Obama’s remarks:

Good afternoon, everybody. Earlier today I was briefed by my homeland security team on the events in Boston. We’re continuing to monitor and respond to the situation as it unfolds and I’ve directed the full resources of the Federal Government to help State and local authorities protect our people, increase security around the United States as necessary and investigate what happened.

The American people will say a prayer for Boston tonight and Michelle and I send our deepest thoughts and prayers to the families of the victims in the wake of this senseless loss. We don’t yet have all the answers but we do know that multiple people have been wounded, some gravely, in explosions at the Boston Marathon.

I’ve spoken to FBI director Mueller, and Secretary of Homeland Security Napolitano, and they’re mobilizing the appropriate resources to investigate and to respond. I’ve updated leaders of Congress in both parties, and we reaffirmed that on days like this, there are no Republicans or Democrats; we are Americans, united in concern for our fellow citizens.

I’ve also spoken with the Governor Patrick and mayor Menino and made it clear they have every single federal resource necessary to care for the victims and counsel the families and above all, I made clear to them that all Americans stand with the people of Boston. Boston police, fire fighters and first responders as well as the National Guard responded heroically and continue to do so as we speak. It’s a reminder that so many Americans serve and sacrifice on our behalf every single day without regard to their own safety, in dangerous and difficult circumstances and we salute all those who assisted in responding to quickly and professionally to this tragedy.

We still do not know who did this or why and people shouldn’t jump to conclusions before we have all the facts. But, make no mistake, we will get to the bottom of this and we will find out who did this, we will find out who did this, we will find out why they did this. Any responsible individuals, any responsible groups will feel the full weight of justice.

Today is a holiday in Massachusetts, Patriots Day, it’s a day that celebrates the free and fiercely independent spirit that this great American city of Boston has reflected from the earliest days of our nation and it’s a day that draws the world to Boston’s streets in a spirit of friendly competition.

Boston is a tough and resilient town, so are its people, I’m supremely confident that Bostonians will pull together, take care of each other and move forward as one proud city and as they do the American people will be with them every single step of the way. You should anticipate that as we get more information our teams will provide you briefings. We’re still in the investigation stage at this point but I just want to reiterate we will find out who did this and we will hold them accountable. Thank you very much.

59. UPDATE, 6:36 p.m.: An 8-year-old was one of the two people killed in the Boston Marathon explosion.

Law enforcement official confirms that one of two people killed in today's explosions was eight years old. #BostonMarathon

— NBC News (@NBCNews)

60. UPDATE, 6:42 p.m.: Boston PD and JFK Library confirm that earlier “explosion” at the library was actually a mechanical room fire.

Commissioner Davis, “The preliminary investigation indicates JFK incident may not have been an explosion. It may have been a fire."

— Boston Police Dept. (@Boston_Police)

The fire in the building is out. Appears to have started in mechanical room. All staff and visitors are safe & accounted for.

— JFK Library (@JFKLibrary)

62. UPDATE, 6:49 p.m.: NBC News reports that a young person in the country on a student visa is being questioned.

BREAKING: No suspect in custody, but some people are being questioned, including a young person here on a student visa - @PeteWilliamsNBC

— NBC Nightly News (@nbcnightlynews)

64. UPDATE, 7:00 p.m.: ABC News reports that the twin explosions at the Boston Marathon were triggered by remote detonation.

ABC News:

According to law enforcement sources, the first bomb exploded at the Marathon Sports running store, and blew out windows in four nearby buildings, injuring 15 to 20 individuals. The second blast occurred about 50 to 100 yards away, severely injuring more bystanders, Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis said.

Authorities believe they were caused by small portable devices, sources told ABC News. More than 400 National Guardsmen in attendance at the marathon helped secure a perimeter around the scene.

65. UPDATE, 7:05 p.m.: CNN reports 110 people injured.

Hospitals tells CNN at least 110 people were hurt. At least 8 are in critical condition, at least 14 are in serious condition.

— Steve Brusk (@stevebruskCNN)

66. UPDATE, 7:29 p.m.: Reuters has posted a graphic of the explosion site.

67. UPDATE, 7:38 p.m.: U.S. Navy dispatching an explosive disposal team to Boston.

BREAKING: U.S. Navy providing an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team to assist local authorities at the request of the State of Massachusetts

— NBC Nightly News (@nbcnightlynews)

68. UPDATE, 7:50 p.m.: Mass General hospital is reportedly on lockdown after suspicious device is found in the parking garage.

Mass General on lockdown. Suspicious device found in parking garage #WCVB #Boston #bostonmarathon #marathonexplosion

— Liam Martin (@LiamWCVB)

69. Twenty-two victims of the Boston Marathon attacks are being treated at Mass General.

(3) #bostonmarathon Hospital update: Mass. Gen. - 22 patients total, 6 critical, 5 serious

— James Edwards (@thejamesedwards)

70. Brigham and Women’s hospital, which is treating 26 marathon patients, has been on lockdown for the past three hours.

WGBH reporter Ibby Caputo: Brigham and Women's hospital still in lockdown.

— Boston Public Radio (@BosPublicRadio)

71. UPDATE, 7:59 p.m.: Mass General tweets that it is not currently on lockdown.

Contrary to some reports, #MGH is not currently on lockdown.

— MassGeneral News (@MassGeneralNews)

72. UPDATE, 8:07 p.m.: Flag lowered to half-staff outside the U.S. Capitol Building out of respect for Boston Marathon victims.

A flag is at half mast at the U.S. Capitol tonight after deadly explosions at the Boston Marathon today.

— Elizabeth Titus (@emtitus)

73. UPDATE, 8:31 p.m.: The Boston Athletic Association has posted a statement with updates on its Facebook page.

74. UPDATE, 8:55 p.m.: Boston Marathon death toll has risen to three, according to Police Commissioner Edward Davis.

Three people have died #tweetfromthebeat via @CherylFiandaca

— Boston Police Dept. (@Boston_Police)

75. UPDATE, 8:58 p.m.: Contrary to reports, Boston Police Department does not have a suspect in custody.

BPD does not have a suspect in custody #tweetfromthebeat

— Cheryl Fiandaca (@CherylFiandaca)

76. UPDATE, 10:17 p.m.: Mass General Hospital Press Conference

Pete J. Fagenholz, MD from MGH: I have never seen this volume of patients. MGH has no patients under age 18.

— BuzzFeed News (@BuzzFeedNews)

Pete J. Fagenholz, MD from MGH: A number of patients will require repeat operations tomorrow. #7News

— 7News (@7News)

A trauma surgeon at Mass General says many injuries were caused by shrapnel.

— David Owens (@daowens)

Pete J. Fagenholz, MD from MGH: The hospital has treated 29. I have operated on 6 so far today. #7News

— 7News (@7News)

80. UPDATE, 1:24 a.m.: Boston Globe IDs 8-year-old who was killed:

The 8-year-old boy killed in one of today's Boylston Street explosions lived in the Ashmont section of Dorchester, the Globe is reporting.

— News (@BostonDotCom)

The boy, Martin Richard, was the son of William and Denise Richard of Carruth Street in Dorchester.

— News (@BostonDotCom)

82. For the latest updates on the Boston Marathon Bombings, visit BuzzFeed’s Breaking News Twitter.

Moscow-Pullman Daily News, Geoff Crimmins / AP

Marion Kaucic participates in a candlelight vigil at Friendship Square in Moscow, Idaho, on Monday, April 15, 2013. Local runners held the vigil and a 2.62-mile run in support of those injured in the bombings at the Boston Marathon.

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